Irkutsk international airport

Irkutsk Airport IKT serves the greater Lake Baikal area of the Russian Federation.
With a very long runway and an estimated 1.3 million passengers in 2011, Irkutsks Airport is served by domestic and international airlines with routes all over the Asian continent and connections around the world. Seasonally Aeroflot offers flights to the US to Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington, with a stopover at Khabarovsk, while Transaero offers a cheap connection from Frankfurt to Irkutsk via Moskow. The Airport is also served by charters with seasonal flights to popular vacation destinations.
Location:  Irkutsk International Airport is situated 8km (5 miles) from the city centre. Irkutsk is in southeastern Siberia, 60km (37 miles) east of Lake Baikal in the Russian Federation.

Airport Hotels/ Transit Hall, Transit Hotels: Baikal Business Centre Hotel, Hotel Vozdushnaya Gavan Hotel
Check in: It starts for primary flights – 2 hours 30 minutes prior to the flight
for transit flights – 2 hours prior to flight
for international flights – 3 hours prior to the flight