Mongolian Airports

Murun, Khuvsgul Airport
Murun Airport is a public airport located in Murun, the capital of Khuvsgul Province, Mongolia. The airport was established in 1956. And the airport is the first Mongolian Airport which has met the international standard. Murun Airport has 2 runways and one is asphalt and another is dirt. There is flights available daily to Ulaanbaatar.
Dalanzadgad, Umnugobi Airport
Dalanzadgad Airport - Civil Airport, located north-west from the city center Dalanzadgad, the capital Umnugobi aimag in Mongolia. It is located 6 km north-west from the city center Dalanzadgad. The airport is used for regular flights from and to Ulan Bator, the airport is sent through this part of the tourist routes in the National Park, Gobi-Gurvan-Saikhan, starting at a distance of 30 km from Dalanzadgad.
The airport has a capacity to receive up to 60 passengers at once, and new Gobi Gurvan Saikhan airport will opened this year and will have 150 passengers would be received.
Although the airport is classified as international, it has no scheduled flights outside of Mongolia.
Ulgii, Bayan-Ulgii Airport
Ulgii Airport is a public airport located in Ulgii, the capital of Bayan-Ulgii Province in Mongolia. Ulgii Airport was established started its operation in 1958. The airport has a building of two floors.
Khovd Airport
Khovd Airport is a public airport located in Khovd city, Mongolia. Khovd Airport has available flights to Ulaanbaatar, Murun and Bulgan city. The airport has 2 runways - one of it is asphalt.
Ulaangom, Uvs Airport
Deglii Tsagaan airport is newly opened and it is considered as the second large airport in Mongolia. The Airport is a public airport located 1.5 km southeast of Ulaangom, a city in the Uvs Province of Mongolia. It handled 14,669 passengers in 2001. The construction of the new airport with paved runway started in February 2007.
Donoi, Uliastai Airport
Donoi was established in Donoi Valley in June 1956. It is also called New Uliastai Airport. Donoi Airport is a public airport located 25 km west of Uliastai, the capital of Zavkhan Province  in Mongolia. The airport has 2 runways which both are dirts. The airport has daily flights to Ulaanbaatar city.
In 2002, Services at Donoi improved and became more secure as the reconstructions were made to the airport. The new buildings, runways built and aircrafts were flew.
Altai, Gobi Altai Airport
Altai Airport is a public airport serving the city of Altai, which is the capital of the Govi-Altai province in western Mongolia. The airport is located 2 km west of Altai City. It is capable of handling An-24 type aircraft, including Fokker 50, Dash 8 and ATR 42. The airport has a runway which is dust. The flight to Arvaikheer and Ulaanbaatar are available at the airport.
Bayankhongor Airport
Bayankhongor Airport is a public airport located in Bayankhongor, the capital of Bayankhongor Province in Mongolia . Bayankhongor airport has a 2 runways – dust and asphalt.
Tavantolgoi Airport
The airport is located in Umnugobi province, Mongolia. started its operation from August 2009. The airport covers 100.7 hectares land totally including runways and strips.
Choibalsan Airport
Choibalsan airport is located in Choibalsan city which is the capital city of Dornod province, Mongolia. The airport improved its facilities that meets international standard. Choibalsan has a direct flight to Hailar.